What Samsung showed us at CES 2020?

This Monday at CES 2020 Samsung held a press conference where it showed a lot of interesting gadgets, although didn’t tell much about when these gadgets are coming to the market anytime soon.

Robot ball named “Ballie”

With this robot Samsung sees how the future of smart home will look like. Looks a bit like your personal BB-8 droid that would manage things about the house.

A this point looks pretty useless, but, hey, that’s a start. I personally believe we are destined to be served by androidish looking robot butlers at our homes, garden or even fields where they’ll plant and harvest clean food. The only question is when will it happen. My only hope is that I’ll be still alive to see it. Ok, let’s move on.

GEMS: wearable exoskeleton

Samsung will offer GEMS (which is short for Gait Enhancing and Motivating System) as a walking assistant for patients that have difficulties walking around and that was the first goal for GEMS. After additional research GEMS is now able to assist not only ill people, but also perfectly healthy ones who would like to improve their fitness routines while having an amazingly immersive AR-experience if paired with Samsung Air Glasses. Would you like to climb up a Mount Everest today? Or maybe walk across the bottom of the ocean? You will be able to do it all without leaving comfort of your home thanks to GEMS.

Samsung Air Glasses look mind-blowing by themselves as well! I’d certainly would love to test these out as I feel it’s been a long time since we’ve seen any significant breakthrough in AR/VR glasses so far. All the glasses that we currently have on the market aren’t very appealing to me.


It was a fun press-conference from Samsung this year. I definitely look forward to trying these new gadgets sometime in the future and writing some post about it.

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